Monday, February 3, 2014

My Shake-N-Bake Mission!

One of the main things my husband misses since going paleo has been breadcrumbs.  Now don't get me wrong, him missing breadcrumbs makes it sound like I've been some fancy cook previously using breadcrumbs in every meal.  Yeah.  That was not happening in this house.  What I think he means is that he misses breading, Shake-n-Bake, crispy chicken get the picture.  So I have been doing a lot of experimenting to come up with some ideas.

Almond Meal Shaked-N-Baked Pork Chops

{Attempt One} was delicious but sort of a flop on the aesthetics side.  It just did not brown no matter how hard I tried.  Course, maybe what it looks like doesn't always matter, right?  I just used a half cup of almond meal (blanched almonds) and flavored it up with some garlic powder and salt/pepper.  Dipped the pork chops in an egg then tossed in my mixture.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

This Happened the Other Night!

Amazing and refreshing paleo ice cream

One of the hardest things for us since going "Paleo" are the sweets or later night snacks.  There are a few treats that I crave and one of them being ice cream.  Of course, I have pinned a zillion things pertaining to paleo ice cream but I just never took the plunge, until the other night.  I decided that I needed try a recipe and my mom brought me over an ice cream maker.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Pork: The Cincinnati City Chicken

Keeping dinner fresh (and making the hubby want to come home for dinner) can be a challenge when I can't just purchased a frozen entree or stop by a fast food restaurant.  Don't get me wrong, I am happy that we made the change.  But for someone that lacks in the cooking and kitchen area (though I am getting better), I really have to do my daily research for some dinner idea.  

Totally delicious marinated city chicken.

This dinner just came to me as I was about to drive past the meat market.  I am sure I sounded so stupid as I went to the counter and said, "do you have something they call city chicken?"  You see, I've never made or bought it before; my MIL makes it pretty often during the summer but she lives on the other side of town.  I wasn't sure this was a local meat cut or what.  I'll be honest that just last summer I found out the city chicken is not chicken.  It's pork.  I just just stop talking now because I'm making myself look even more incompetent.  

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Celebratory Brownies: My Go To!

Shout out to my hubby for getting an award at work.  Not a "major award" for all you Christmas Story fans.  He wishes!  So it got me thinking that I needed to make him some sort of special treat to celebrate the occasion.  He did not give me enough warning because I was not prepared.  Huge fail for me because I gave him a pack of Gold Star oyster crackers.  In my defense, that was a major treat since that is not on our Paleo approved snacks.  But it was delicious no the less.  The following day I had big plans for something I hoped would pan out, literally.

I cannot tell you how amazing these brownies were and SO delicious.  In the last week, I have made them twice.  They passed the Sunday dinner test over at my in-laws who are not quite on board with all of our dietary changes.  They've been forgoing dessert since we went Paleo but I figured I could show them that it's possible to be Paleo and eat some deliciousness!  I will state now that the icing on top is not paleo.  I splurged and used about 1/3 cup of Betty Crocker icing.  I couldn't resist but feel good that the majority is right on board.  Do you need the icing?  NO WAY.  These brownies are like a nice, rich chocolate cake like brownie.  

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pizza Crust 101

About a year ago, I was doing this low carb "lifestyle" thing and was desperate for a taste of pizza.  I'm at that desperate point today.  Last year we tried the cauliflower pizza crust floating around the internet.  It was ok.  Today I decided that I was going to attempt to find a better and less stinky alternative.  I had a few requirements:  paleo, no cauliflower (remember, stinky), and not too much coconut flour (hubbys isn't a huge fan).  So I set off to peruse Pinterest.  I found THIS recipe and decided to give it a go.  Winner Winner Pizza Dinner!

Paleo Pizza Crust

When I compare it to my previous pizza crust attempts, it just looks and handles a million times better.  The cauliflower crust just didn't always get as dry and was more of a fork pizza.  You could pick this one up.  Flavor?  It was pretty good.  One child liked and the other child turned up her nose.  The hubby is still at work so the jury is out on what he will think; he's a pizza fan so he might be critical.  I think next time I will add a little Parmesan cheese to the dough and brush a little garlic butter on the crust. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Baking Trumps Exhaustion

Today I was blessed with "Wild Child" developing croup.  This is seriously her third bout of it in the last year.  It's getting pretty old.  Since she was feeling pretty under the weather and I am EXHAUSTED because she got up 5+ times last night, we opted not to go out today.  Obvious choice as we don't want anyone else sick.  Guess I can't eat my Bon Bon's today so I figured I better get to using the really ripe bananas on my counter.  These muffins and breads are a really great additional options for "Free Spirit's" lunches.

Paleo Blueberry Banana Muffins

First time I followed this recipe, I obviously didn't follow it well.  It clearly stated that I needed really ripe bananas.  I think it might have been on like day 2 of our Paleo Chyrsalis.  I was dying to try some paleo treats so I used my fresh bananas on the counter top.  Bread tasted ok but just not as banana filled flavor as I would have expected.  Newbie mistake!  I now love them bruised and beaten up and mushy when you open them.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Hubby Needs His Cookies!

When we started our transition to Paleo, which seems like ages ago (only 19 days), the hubby was having a hard time.  When you just eat what you want forever, it's understandable.  I cut him off cold turkey from his beloved Oreos.  I'm starting to sounds like an awful wife, huh.  So feeling pitty on him, I knew I needed to make some sort of sweet dessert because he has not come over to my dark chocolate covered almond loving side.  Then, as a miracle, a friend posted a quick recipe for some chocolate chip cookies.  Bazinga!  It was meant to be!

Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies (used vegan butter)